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This website was established by Dan Moore for the purpose of bringing you the latest informationproducts for the most extreme of the ocean sports; big wave tow-surfing and the new sport of kite-surfing. Here you can get 411 on these sports and purchase equipment that has been designed, tested and ridden by the most experienced extreme athletes in the world.   
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  Tow and Kite Surfing Products

When you have to trust your life on a piece of equipment, you better make sure it doesn't let you down.  OUTEREEF has some of the most advanced equipment available today for tow and kite surfing.  We are committed to performance and safety in the most extreme conditions.  Outereef products are designed, manufactured and used by some of the most experienced athletes today in the most challenging surf conditions in the world; the North Sure of Oahu, Hawaii.  You can find these products on this website:

Tow-Surfing Boards

Kite-Surfing Boards
Rescue Sleds and Hardware

Tow-Surfing Ropes and Handles

Posters, T-shirts, and more…

Dan Moore Profile

Meet the Founder of Outereef Productions and Products, winner of the 2004/2005 Billabong XXL Biggest Wave Award, the new host of Hawaiian Xtreme Sports TV on the Water Channel, and one of the most experienced extreme athletes in the world today.  Dan is one of the pioneers and innovators in the sport of tow-surfing as well as kite-surfing.  Dan lives for the rush and the R & D of equipment necessary to perform and survive the world’s largest waves. To find out more info about Dan and his recently finished movie project, go to FINDING ALOHA the movie.

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