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Dan Moore's Personal Profile Page

Dan Moore Profile:
"Work hard, play hard and live life to the fullest"
                                 - Daniel R. Moore
Born: 01/03/57
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Resides: North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii
Status: Married to Swiss native Eveline Moore
Foods: Pasta and fish dishes
Music: Contemporary Rock
Other interests: Film Making and Snowboarding

     Born in Lawrence Township, New Jersey, Dan has always had a passion for adventures in the great outdoors. As a boy, he spent his spare time exploring the local woods climbing the highest trees and catching its inhabitants; it was a sign of things to come. When Dan turned 14 yrs. of age, his family moved to Melbourne Beach, Florida where he found a new place to explore, the ocean. He soon discovered a passion that would change his life forever; surfing. At the same time Dan was teaching himself how to surf, his carpenter father was teaching him the design and crafting skills he would later use to earn a living, as well as the importance of hard work, honesty, and treating people fairly. 

    By the time Dan was 17, he was ready for a new adventure. With an itch to explore and surf more, he headed around the world in search of perfect waves. During these adventures he came to Hawaii for the big waves that Oahu's North Shore was famous for. Dan soon realized he had found his true home. This new habitat provided all the benefits of living in the USA, plus the challenge and lifestyle that this ocean biome offered. "Hawaii is every surfer dream," said Dan. "It's home to some of the worlds biggest waves and the best big wave riders." It was here in Hawaii that in the early 1990's that Dan would team up with big-wave surfers Ken Bradshaw and the late Mark Foo. With them he found his newest challenge and life's passion, surfing gigantic waves with the assistance of PWCs or "Tow-Surfing".

     In the winter of 1998 Dan would become part of surfing history and would change the worlds consciousness of how big of a wave can be surfed. While Dan was driving the PWC, he continually towed his then partner Ken Bradshaw into what was then the largest waves ever ridden. Their big day was capture on film including the IMAX film team for the movie "Extreme" (2000), "Biggest Wednesday" (2000), as well and another camera crew from The PBS documentary "Condition Black" (2001). Every big swell Dan was there, but Dan was content with Ken and others get the respect and attention. In 2003 he entered the Tow Surfing World Cup and won the "Best Maneuver Award” and people started to take notice of Dan's skills and commitment. Little did Dan know that soon he would earn himself a place in surfing history. 

     Up until this last year, the now veteran tow-surfer had never caught a wave big enough to qualify him for the famous Billabong XLL Contest which rewards the surfer who successfully rides the largest wave of the year, a $1,000.00 per foot prize and the respect that comes with it. But on a December 15, 2004 swell his new tow partner, Maui's Mark Anderson, towed Dan into a humongous wave at Jaws that would make him an official contender for the Billabong XXL Award. When the Award ceremony was held on Los Angeles, CA in April of 2005, Dan was there. With a packed auditorium of Dan's peers and international media, Dan’s name was announced as the winner for a wave measuring an amazing 68 ft. in height and a check for $68,000.00! But it wasn’t the size of the wave and check that amazed the surfing world as Dan gave his acceptance speech, but came as no surprise to his close friends and family, was when Dan gave a lot of the credit to his driver Mark and then announced in front of the crowd that he was splitting the prize 50/50 with is friend. Dan is the only winner to do so and shows the true character of Dan Moore as a person and surfer. 

     For Dan's 2005 Billabong XXL win, named Dan as one of the "Top Ten Surf Stories of 2005", but over the past 12 years, Dan has
quietly been one of the pioneers of Kite and Tow Surfing. Dan designs, hand manufactures, and rides all his own equipment and shares his knowledge of board design and tow-surfing equipment through OUTEREEF Products. Dan still continues push the limits of his sports and today, the big wave surfer still makes his home on the North Shore of Oahu, making a living as a professional Tow Surfer, Film Producer FINDING ALOHA, Host of Hawaiian Xtreme Sports TV Show, and a Master Cabinet Maker who owns and operates Wholesale Cabinets Hawaii and Outereef Productions.


Here is a current list of Dan's competitive results, personal achievements and media credits. 

Competitive Results:
• Winner of the 2004-2005 Billabong XLL Largest wave ridden Award (Pictured)
• Winner of the "Best Maneuver" 2003 Tow-Surfing World Cup
• 4th place 2004 North Shore Tow-Surfing Championships
• 5th place 2006 North Shore Tow-Surfing Championships
• 13th place 2003 Tow-Surfing World Cup
• Official Invitee to the 2006 Billabong XXL Expression Session

Personal Achievements:
• Named by "'s Year in Review" as one of the top surf stories of 2005
• Surfed what is officially the 2nd largest wave ridden measuring 68 ft. (Just 2 ft. short of the world record)
• Board Member of the Professional Tow Surfers Association
• Certified in Ocean Safety (Certificate No. W-031025-19)

Media Credits:

**Dan has been named the as the new host for the long running and now nationally sidicated on the Water Channel Hawaiian Xtreme Sports TV and as of 7/31/06 already taped 7 of 24 shows.
• Featured in the "2006 Surfer Magazine Calendar"
• Cover of 2006 The Surfers Journal "Masters of Photography - Tom Servais"
• Cover of "Surfer Magazine" August Issue, 1999
• Cover of "SuperSurf - Brazil" Volume 1, 2005 (Pictured)
• Featured interview in "KiteWorld" Magazine 2005 Oct-Nov Issue
• Featured in the IMAX movie "Extreme" (2000)
• Featured in the PBS Documentary "Condition Black" (2001)
• Featured in the surf movie "January 10" (2005)
• Featured in the surf movie "Down the line" (2006)
• Center Spread in the "2005 Surfer Magazines Photo Annual Issue"
• And many more photos, editorials, surf videos and interviews

Dan is committed to his sports and lifestyle more than ever and is currently training to achieve his goals in both tow-surfing and kite-surfing. Because of his experience, professionalism, and past results, he knows that he can meet these goals.

• To become the first multiple winner of the Billabong XXL Event
• Get invites to compete in as many tow-surfing contest as possible around the world
• Search for and tow-surf the largest wave ever ridden
• Kite-surf the largest wave ever ridden
• Continue to be an innovator of tow and kite surfing maneuvers
• Continue to be and innovator of tow and kite surfing equipment
• Continue to be active in the PWC safety and extreme surf rescue equipment and regulations


Marketing Opportunities with Dan
With Dan's extreme sports performances, image, and personality; Dan would make an excellent representative for your company and products. In return for sponsorship, Dan will consider:

• Use of my name, image, and likeness for commercial and marketing purposes
• Use of my award winning wave and other performances for commercial and marketing purposes for print, TV,, POP, posters, etc...
• Logo placement on all my equipment (boards, PWC's, vehicles, etc...)
• Internet links from my websites & FINDING ALOHA the movie
• Personal appearances for promotional purposes

Dan is currently looking for a clothing, wetsuit, and a PWC sponsorship.

Dan's list of Sponsors include: Naish KitesWahoo LifeSleds, Futures Fins, and Kaenon Eyewear.