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Here you can get all the info on the best rescue sled for PWC's on the market today.  This sled has saved me and other tow-surfers many times. Lifeguards and Swift Water Rescue Agencies from around the world agree, Wahoo's LifeSled is #1.


Lifesled rescue board is used with PWC (personal watercraft) in extreme conditions including ocean storm, surf rescue, tow-in surf, rip current, floodwater, river, swift water, ice rescue and other life-threatening situations. Lifesled PWC rescue sled is an extremely effective means of extraction.



Dimensions Displacement Weight
LS1 62" x 36" x 4.5"
6.4 ft3
38 lbs
LS2 74" x 41" x 4.5" 8.5 ft3 53 lbs

click here to order the LS1: $1650.00 + shipping

click here to order the LS1 w/ hardware: $1800.00 + shipping

click here to order the LS2: $1950.00 + shipping

Exterior Features
Our template is the result of 14 years of R&D by Hawaii's finest watermen operating in extreme North Shore conditions.

Template features:
• Bullet-nose allows 45° fish-tail pivot off jet-ski transom.
• Highly maneuverable. Barely affects low-speed motoring while increasing overall stability of craft.
• Replaceable nose-guard protects nose of sled and jet-ski transom from wear.
• 70/30 rails allow sufficient tracking for stability while still allowing driver to "break-loose" for quick turns.
• Overall length sufficient for comfort & security yet short enough for maneuverability
• Swallow-tail design allows for victim centering. Design allows sled to be folded over jet-ski when not in use.

Deck Material:
• Fine cell polyethylene.
• Aesthetics (bright color, fine cell structure)
• Abrasion resistant.
• Tacky when wet.
• Comfortable.
• High visibility yellow.
• UV-stable: colorfast & weather able.

• Fiber-reinforced, tacky-when-wet. (Ten on LS1, twelve on LS2 - each 9.5")
• Handles anchored internally - virgin hull. Compare with other sleds looped through the hull.
• Flexible - allows victim to be hoisted over yet still firm enough to fence-in.
• UV and weather resistant.

Hull Features:

• Proprietary weather able copolymer.
• Highly impact resistant.
• Will not heat-warp in intense sun.
• Extreme compressive strength (resistance to creasing).
• Flexibility even in freezing temperatures.
• UV-stable (colorfast & weather resistant).
• Extreme abrasion resistance.
• Easily mended.
• High-visibility "COAST GUARD ORANGE"

Interior Core
The strongest sled on the market.  Contstructed with a linear, low density, closed-cell Polyethylene foam reinforced with aluminum and stainless steel stringers.

Core Features:
• Two 48" aluminum stringers and one 24" Stainless steel stringer assure tip-to-tail integrity, especially over transom fulcrum (Compare this to "boogie-board material" boards of our competitors).
• Highly buoyant (over 450 lbs buoyancy) even in freshwater. (Compare this to the molded boards of our competitors).
• Not brittle in cold water, excellent for ice-rescue board.
• Absorbs vibration while underway. (compare this to molded boards)