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News & Links Page
On this page you can find links to all the latest news and info from the world Tow and Kite Surfing. 
As well as links to our friends and sponsors, links to wave forcasting sites, and other links of interest.

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22/09/2006 22/09/2006 Scott Eastwood wins BSA Big Wave Gold Rush Contest 1
22/09/2006 22/09/2006 Monster 64ft wave breaks off Tassie - may set a record
21/09/2006 21/09/2006 Everaldo Teixeira se prepara para a temporada havai..
20/09/2006 20/09/2006 British surfing to hit new level for Gold Rush Big Wave  6
19/09/2006 19/09/2006 Dan Moore's 68 foot XXL monster wave poster out now!
14/09/2006 14/09/2006 Buenasolas Big Wave photo contest (3rd Edition) OMG3
10/09/2006 10/09/2006 Big Tuesday - Red Bull Tai Fu Big-Wave Project goes off
05/09/2006 05/09/2006 Red Bull Tai Fu - Super Typhoon loke vs. Towsurfer crew
03/09/2006 03/09/2006 Red Bull Tai Fu big-wave team readies for Typhoon Ioke
01/09/2006 01/09/2006 Maxed-out Teahupo'o sesh showing on
30/08/2006 30/08/2006 Red Bull Tai Fu on amber alert for Super Typhoon Ioke
29/08/2006 29/08/2006 New concept in surf comps: the BSA Gold Rush Contest
20/08/2006 20/08/2006 Dungeons goes BIG again last Tuesday, hospital visits
18/08/2006 18/08/2006 Big Wave adventurers taking to the high seas of Japan
18/08/2006 18/08/2006 Red Bull BWC surfers pull distressed workers from sea
16/08/2006 16/08/2006 2006/07 Big Wave season events & sessions updates
04/08/2006 04/08/2006 Billabong Adventure Division scores giant at Teahupoo. 1
04/08/2006 04/08/2006 Exclusive interview with RedBull BWA winner John Whittle
02/08/2006 02/08/2006 Oakley/ASL Big Wave Awards, biggest-ever Aussie rides
01/08/2006 01/08/2006 Teahupoo Tow-in 28 July by Tim McKenna, Check it out
31/07/2006 31/07/2006 O'Neill's Filip Loosvelt voted onto Red Bull Storm Chase
28/07/2006 28/07/2006 Mavericks 2006 season DVD premiere party set for S.F.
28/07/2006 28/07/2006 Monster Energy's Dorian up for a 'Sickest Sports Award'
27/07/2006 27/07/2006 John Whittle takes out Red Bull Big Wave Africa contest 4
26/07/2006 26/07/2006 Towsurfer crew scores big during two-day swell in Chile
26/07/2006 26/07/2006 Jamilah Star joins Inkwell Surf Skate Club for US Open
25/07/2006 25/07/2006 Red Bull Big Wave Africa officially goes on Amber Alert
17/07/2006 17/07/2006 Shark Park, The heaviest wave in California-dvd out now
13/07/2006 13/07/2006 Purists are mourning change at Tazzies Shipstern Bluff
03/07/2006 03/07/2006 Hunt is on for Oz's biggest wave by 2 of Tassie's best
01/07/2006 01/07/2006 Oakley/ASL Big Wave Awards are off to a cracking start..
01/07/2006 01/07/2006 Kiwi Ski Rack for personal watercraft carries surfboards
30/06/2006 30/06/2006 After heavy winter British Towsurf Association is formed 5
26/06/2006 26/06/2006 Carlos Burle to join Finisterre as their first ambassador
21/06/2006 21/06/2006 Thousand mile waves see Tow-in teams surfing Mexico
20/06/2006 20/06/2006 José 'Jarita' Gómez wins Billabong Motorola Pico Alto..
12/06/2006 12/06/2006 Red Bull Big Wave Africa announces Specialty Awards
10/06/2006 10/06/2006 John Forse and doin' the wave at the Nelscott Reef
01/06/2006 01/06/2006 Santa Marina Gigante Big Wave Challenge Espagnol...
31/05/2006 31/05/2006 BSA Gold Rush Big Wave event at Fistral Bch Newquay
28/05/2006 28/05/2006 Tow Tech Performance Rescue sleds are now available
26/05/2006 26/05/2006 Shark Park heaviest wave in California out now on DVD
26/05/2006 26/05/2006 2006 Mavericks Live Tour goes off in Times Square NYC
20/05/2006 20/05/2006 Dave Lewis hits biggest swell of year at Margaret River
19/05/2006 19/05/2006 Oakley & Morrison Media launch ASL Big Wave Awards
19/05/2006 19/05/2006 Another 10 years of the Quiksilver Big Wave Invitational  2
18/05/2006 18/05/2006 Quiksilver Big Wave Invitational to run for 10 more yrs
17/05/2006 17/05/2006 K38 announce new open water course date available
15/05/2006 15/05/2006 Minutes of the TSSA AGM chaired by Pierre Du Plessis
12/05/2006 12/05/2006 Quiksilver remain title sponsor of the Eddie to 2015-16




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