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We custom build all of our tow and kite board equipment to your needs.  We also offer the best rescue sled in the business, Wahoo's LifeSled.  We have personally tested this extraction sled in the most extreme big wave conditions in the world.  We also sell
T-Shirts, posters and other items. We have an easy to use shopping cart and you can pay fast and safe with

Click the link below to order:

                   Custom Outereef Tow-boards by Dan Moore

       Custom Outereef Kite-boards by Dan Moore

       LifeSled Rescue Sleds by Wahoo & Outereef

       Tow rope & handles by Outereef

       Dan Moore's XXL Wave poster by Outereef

                   T-shirts by Outereef


Tow and Kite Surfing Boards
When you have to trust your life on a piece of equipment, you better make sure it won't let you down. Custom tow boards designed and built by a verteran and wave riding pioneer Dan Moore.  Dan's custom shapes have been developed by over 35 years of surfing and 10+ years of extreme tow and kite surfing in the heaviest waves in the world on Oahu and Maui's Outer Reefs.  If yo
u have any questions or want additional information, please email or call (808) 637-2383

Tow and Kite Boards Features:

  • Custom order widths and lengths
  • Constructed of a high density Foam blanks
  • Glassed with one 4 oz.. and one 8.7 oz.. tight waived military fiberglass and carbon fiber heel patches                                          
     - Complete Tow-Board with footpads, foot straps and futures fins:
    $1,050.00 (click here to order Tow-Boards)
     - Complete Kite-Board with footpads, foot straps , and futures fins: 
    $950.00 (click here to order Kite-Boards)

    Additional charge for added weight for tow-boards above 12 lbs: $150.00
    Additional charges may apply
    Shipping not included
    Email us for shipping details

"Lifesled" & Hardware
Lifesled rescue board is used with PWC (personal watercraft) in extreme conditions including ocean storm, surf rescue, tow-in surf, rip current, floodwater, river, swift water, ice rescue and other life-threatening situations. Lifesled PWC rescue sled is an extremely effective means of extraction.

Available in bright yellow, blue or green camouflage.

 - LS1 Wahoo LifeSled
(click here to order)

 - LS1 Wahoo LifeSled with hardware:   
   $1800.00 (click here to order)

Click here for more information on the Wahoo LifeSled and PWC connection hardware
Shipping not included
Email us for shipping details

Tow Rope & Handles

OUTEREEF'S Tow Ropes and Handles are made in the USA and assembled by hand. Designed and tested by some of the most experienced tow surfers in the world.

Complete Tow Rope & handle

 - 28', 32' & 35' lengths:
   $185.00 (Click here to order)

Our rope is made in the USA and consists of a 2-1/2" of bright yellow braided hollow core polypropylene material. 

  • The color yellow is easy to spot in an emergency.  
  • The ropes material and thickness makes it easy to grab for "short rope pick-ups".
  • Its hollow core makes the rope float and gives it elasticity to reduce the jerk & pull that can injure hands and shoulders.
  • Tow-Surfing Rope's are produced in lengths of 28', 32' and 35'.
  • Special order rope lengths can be made upon request.

Our 12" handles are manufactured in the USA by US Gear.

  • Aluminum hollow core for strength.
  • Soft grip handles to protect hands.
  • 1 piece molded edges for strength and durability.
  • Soft rubber leaders for buoyancy.
  • Bright colors for visibility in an emergency.

Other Products

OUTEREEF also offers:

  • Posters
  • T-shirts
  • Hats

You can view and order these products here in the shopping cart